EduParc gives your employees access to your best content and experts to master anything, fast.

Organisation need the ability to adapt fast. Be agile. Employees need skills, knowledge and confidence to be successful in uncertain markets. While training is only 10% of learning, Informal and agile learning is key to succes.

EduParc integrates e-learning, expert guidance and user activation. With a structure for informal learning. You can now integrate working and learning. All possible live online.

Check the cases below

SEH gebouw

SEH/Expert Online

Professionals in a branche brought up-to-date by a few experts.

What was their question?

How can we enhance the knowledge support to our 11.000 financial advisors online?

What was our approach?

We introduced 70/20/10 and started with sessions on topics, followed by making mortgage experts bookable to their members.

HEMA fotoservice


Employees learn various topics easily, with expert coaches.

What was their question?

How can we enhance the knowledge of 200 employees on new healthcare regulation?

What was our approach?

We introduced online learning content (SPOC’s) and live classes that were hosted by their own experts.

HEMA fotoservice


Boost the engagement of a 1000+ HEMA consumer customers with live online sessions

What was their question?

How can we activate our customers (young and old) to learn about our online photo album software?

What was our approach?

EduParc delivered a team of professionals and their learning platform in HEMA look-and-feel in a few weeks. More than a 1000 customers booked e-learning with live online sessions about HEMA photo services. EduParc even did the custom HEMA support to handle all questions on phone, chat, email.

What was the experience?

The evaluation of the sessions were 4,5 stars out of 5. Trainers and participants (from the age of 13 to 83 years) were both surprised about the engagement online which exceeded their expectations.

About EduParc

“EduParc has created a solution for agile learning where you can tap into the right knowledge sources and expertise immediately. This is key for your future and that of your organisation.”

We activate and accelerate your performance with less time spend on training and more fun. And better insights for you and your organisation.

Join us and be part of our journey. See the trailer below to see how what we mean with accelerate.







Engaging agile learning

“Engagement and performance starts with putting your employees first.”

We let your employees work on their personal profile, which resembles their actions and ambitions. Trainings cost a lot of time. Therefore we give only short relevant learning steps that are easy to follow-up in their busy work schedules.

“Learning on the job, not away from the job”

Employees will master the right topics and skills that help them do their job better tomorrow. How is this done? EduParc has a way to do this very effective. The employee and your organisation will have great insights in skills / expertise gaps and progression.

“Now you can reduce the need for long and costly trainings”

EduParc has developed a way to make learning and measuring engaging and effective for all users. All done by presenting relevant and necessary information in easy steps, clear views. All online, so at you fingertips.

Activate users with your own academy

“Learning is done independent of time and place in this mobile era. Employees want to choose their own time and master topics anywhere.”

For this we created an environment that is available on all devices. Whether you do some e-learning, talk to a coach or receive messages, reminders or information from other experts, it’s available on your device, mobile or not. We are where our users are.

All-in-one e-learning

“EduParc has perfectly integrated workflows. Easy integration and much more cost effective!”

Which learning tools do you have already?

  • An LMS for reporting, keeping track on progression, work-flows, synchronisations with your HR systems?

  • Authoring tools to create content and choose from templates with quizzes, games, great presentations, interactive video’s?

  • Virtual Classrooms with possibilities to organise webinars or coaching sessions maybe?

  • e-Learining content catalogue from several suppliers?

EduParc has got you covered on all these items. We can even integrate with your HR system and existing content.

On all devices,
of course

“It’s about employees who experience seamless workflows and great engagement”

That’s why EduParc gives you your own academy that is set-up in a few minutes. Almost everything is automatically generated. It’s in your own look-and-feel with images, video’s and explanations about the academy and courses for your employees. All presented with a clear view of the topics and experts so employees feel engaged and can choose easily. There is extra information about reviews, e-learning material and experts to help their proces. That’s how you can support the professional growth of employees.

And more

  • Customise EduParc’s look and feel to your branding

  • Upload hundreds of learners with a single click

  • Assign courses and topics to individual learners or groups

  • Record sessions for learning purposes of others

  • Generate powerful reports with effective views

much more

  • Send push notifications and messages PC/Mac or mobile

  • Use the templates to create courses in a few clicks

  • Export to CSV for easy integrations or excel views

  • Let users see there next short step that can be done easily

  • Create great engagement with our personal profile dashboard

Your question is answered in a few minutes