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Variations in online learning

Expert sessions

In a 1 on 1 session you can discuss a question of your choice with an expert. Due to the specific attention, it is possible to book these classes starting half an hour.

Virtual classrooms

Interactive teaching about different topics which are a part of the course takes place in mediumsized classrooms of 7 to 12 people. In these classrooms you have the full opportunity to ask questions and give examples. These classes last for an hour on average.


You can follow classes  about different subjects in bigger groups of around 20 people. These classes are more general and informative and for this reason less focused on interaction. A webinar lasts about an hour on an average.

Search & Book a class

Online learning - log in

With a non-binding registration you have easy access to the online learning platform of EduParc. You can Sign up for an account using your name and email adress or by using your LinkedIn or Facebook account. No content will be posted on Facebook or LinkedIn without your consent.

After you have signed up you can start your online learning process. With your account you can create your own profile. You can upload your own profile picture for example. All the information you provide on EduParc won’t be distributed further.

The searching and booking of a class has become just as easy as booking a plane ticket. By using “Search& Book” you can find the right class of the most suitable teacher within a few minutes. You can easily do this by indicating what kind of retraining or education you need, when you would like to receive the training and from what teacher. in respond EduParc will select the classes that match your preferences best. In this way we try to optimalize  online learning to your needs.

As soon as you have found the right class, you can book it right away. The class you have booked will automatically end up in the shopping basket, where you can pay for all your classes in one go using your credits. The moment you want to pay, you will asked to enter the amount of credits you would like to purchase.

Online leren - zoeken & boeken

Within your account you can view the classes you have booked, on the board “my curriculum”. In this overview you can find all the booked classes and the additional information about these classes. The overview shows the starting time of the classes, the participants and the preparatory reading. To keep online learning as easy as possible, EduParc makes sure that all the important updates of your booked classes are immediately visible on your “dashboard”. The board also shows your progress in the courses you have took.

Online leren - lesprogramma

When you have booked a class and it is time to take part, you can enter with one simple click by going to “my course” or the “dashboard” which will  lead you to the virtual classroom. EduParc recommends you to enter the classroom at least 5 minutes before the class starts. This way you have enough time to check your electronics, like the webcam and headset. In case a problem still occurs, the helpdesk can assist you on time. If you would rather learn online on your tablet, you can download the WizIQ app.

Become a teacher

To become a teacher on EduParc, we would like you to enter some information here. After receiving your application we will contact you right away.

Would you already like to see what the platform looks like? in that case you can start by making an account on EduParc. This gives you direct access to our platform with the account rights of a course member. After we have approved your request to become a teacher, these rights will immediately be added to your account.

We believe that it is important that the quality of our classes and online learning on EduParc is guaranteed for our coursemembers. For that reason it is important that  the teachers have experience teaching within their discipline and certified Online Trainers. Becoming  such a trainer is possible through EduParc. Online teaching is not difficult and easy to train. The training “Certified Online Trainer” makes every teacher qualified to teach online on EduParc and makes sure that the teaching level towards the members is guaranteed. The short training teaches you in good, easy and quick way how to teach online and can be followed through EduParc. After the training you will receive a certificate.

On EduParc you can create a class within a minute. You can do this by selecting the class you would like to plan in the overview of the course and adding the suited date, time and teaching materials. You can teach your own coursemembers and get booked by company’s for open and in-company courses. Each course consists of a fixed structure of classes with topics and learning outcomes that are indicated per lesson. As a teacher you can personally upload the most suited and preparing content and teaching materials.

Online leren - les aanmaken

On the board “timetable” you can find an overview of all the classes that you have planned. You can also find current information about the registrations, any changes, reminders and other information concerning the class. This board will also mention when your class will start. At this mention you will find a link that you can use to enter the class. This same class is also attainable through your dashboard or the reminder you will receive in your email. EduParc recommends you as a teacher to enter the class 10 minutes before it starts. This way you will have the time to check the equipment en get your teaching materials ready.

Online leren - start les

You need a minimum number of participants in order for the scheduled class to continue. EduParc offers many opportunities to bring your classes to the attention. It is possible to share classes through email and social media channels. We also have widgets you can use to post your EduParc profile and classes on your own website or blog. As EduParc we also recommend you to fill in your profile well with information about you as a teacher. The way your present yourself as a teacher can lead to course members wanting to learn online from you. This way you will be able to get more full classes together. Does the planned class have too little participants? In that case the platform will automatically cancel the class, inform the participants and give them alternative options for classes.

Online leren - docent profiel

Incompany, live online organizing

The in-company retraining of employees is still often a time-consuming process.A lot of employees work parttime and also on different locations. In addition only a part of the course is relevant for the individual coursemember. This makes the organizing of courses an intensive process that asks for a lot of planning, travel costs and delay. By using EduParc, no one has to travel any longer, the organisation is fast, simple, cost efficient and there are more possibilities for classes concerning the employees. This is due to the online learning platform that EduParc offers. With the use of our platform the retraining of the employees can be outsourced. Everyone will have their own account, which enables them to indivually plan the classes and courses and follow these by using the virtual classsroom.

When you start at EduParc, you can define the curriculum that will be taught to your employees. Besides that you will be able to decide what teachers will provide the classes, with ofcourse the studying material that has been assigned by you. From here the planning and retraining on the EduParc platform will almost happen without saying. The selected employees and teachers will receive an invitation and will start the online learning process. In-Company learning has never been this simple, efficient and course member friendly. Would you like to know more about granting lesson rights to employees, the concept of open and incompany classes at EduParc. Please contact us.

Online leren - cursist uitnodigen

The difficulty of planning, organising and traveling can be outsourced, without losing the  overview of the progress of the employees. As a manager you have access to realtime reports about the progress the employees are making with the online learning. Among other things you can see who followed which course and how the classes are evaluated.

The platform of EduParc can easily become a part of your company. For instance you can request a platform with your own look and feel, which enables the employees to learn online in an environment that’s familiar to them. There are a lot more possibilities. Would you for example, like to know more about the widgets and prepaid classes? Please contact us.